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Friday, May 18, 2012

upcoming nude scenes : True Blood [Season 5]

HBO's True Blood (Season 5) returns in June with more T-and-A from series regulars and newcomers.

Italian actress Valentina Cervi will be the attention grabber nude-wise and deservedly so. The 36-years old Italian plays Salome. [Breasts]. Originally the casting notice had 'requires nudity' later amended to 'possible nudity'.

Melanie Camp is another LA-based Aussie willing to take her top off (first nude scene?) - playing the character of Dorothy. [Breasts]
Melanie Camp was interviewed about her role on True Blood, and this is what she said about her role.
“A show like True Blood only casts the best of the best so I was really surprised to even get an audition, let alone land the role,” she said.
“Everyone on the show goes to great lengths to make you feel at ease.”
While Camp remained tight-lipped about her role in the HBO series, she revealed her character was part of a “pivotal story”.

37-years old Melissa Page Hamilton (as Miss Jill Steeler) topless [Breasts] in a scene with Ryan Kwanten.

* Nudity Speculator territory :

25-years old British actress Lucy Griffiths second attempt to break into Tinseltown. She is playing Nora - Eric’s vampire “sister”. 25 Year old Griffiths is best know for her role as Marian in the BBC drama Robin Hood and Ruth in the TV series The Little House. She will be a series regular on True Blood.
The character originally required nudity. But changed to 'possible nudity' soon after. Lucy is nudity-virgin but she really wants to succeed in America so compromises could be at play here. Going for topless fiesta [Breasts].

33-years old Kelly Overton - notorious nudity dodger - have signed up as a regular with option to appear in Season 6 as well. Her character "dirty, beautiful werewolf named Rikki" promises something. Just hoping it's type of dirtiness we boys can agree with.

Brianna Brown - booked for an episode. Something about her.........

couple of beautiful blondes and pretty well-known dancers will also appear in Season 5. They are Kherington Payne and Tyne Stecklein.
Likely to appear as scantily-clad dressed dancers.

The show stopper in terms of nudity must be :
[LIL] Faerie - Female, early to late 20s, Caucasian. She’s supermodel beautiful. Strong and ethereal. No lines in the first episode. Recurring. FULL FRONTAL NUDITY REQUIRED.

Putting my money on Korrina Rico  - amazing eyes and incredible body. She had an audition for a role in True Blood. Could she be the one playing Lil - the naked fairy? Making a huge assumption as if she actually acquired a role in the series.
Regular church-goer (according to her tweets) if anyone interested.!/korrinarico!bio

Update [June 16 2012]

Just got an e-mail telling me the full-frontal nudity was done by Australian actress-model Dinka Bonelle Dzubur.!/ladydinkabelle
Classically trained Actress, Dinka Bonelle Dzubur was in Croatia but moved to Australia from a young age. She studied ballet and started rhythmic gymnastics at a competitive level at the age of 8 in her birth country prior to the outbreak of the Balkan war. In Australia, she pursued photo and print journalism at the University of Queensland whilst also working as a top fashion model. At the suggestion of Irish Director John O'Hare, Dinka auditioned for QUT Acting Studio and successfully completed the prestigious, three-year conservatory based Actor's program in Australia. Dinka is fluent in German, Croatian and has a fair knowledge of Russian, French and Slovak. Dinka started her TV career in Croatia with the TV-Series "Lara's Choice". Dinka made her feature film debut in the Australian "Death in An Afternoon" directed by Brad McBride, film that premiered at the International FIlm Festival in Ireland and screened in over 20 Festivals worldwide winning the "Silver Ace" Award at the Film Festival in Las Vegas. Dinka was also cast as the lead in the short film "Little Hands" opposite Miraj Grbic (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol) directed by AFI Nominee, Claire McCarthy, film that premiered in Official Competition at Flickerfest International Film Festival 2012 and Pula Film Festival 2011, both Academy® accredited and BAFTA recognised international film festivals. "Little Hands" was nominated for the "IF Film"Award 2012 in Australia. Ms McCarthy, who directed and collaborated with Dinka on the screenplay for "Little Hands" based on various Actor workshops which they held at the Pavarotti Theatre in Mostar city, Bosnia and Herzegovina, described Dinka as "extremely charismatic, versatile, highly literate, complex and technically and creatively gifted". Dinka will be making her American feature film debut in the film "Isabella" directed by Joe Rubalcaba where she will appear opposite Jon Lovitz. Dinka has also appeared in many stage productions including performances at the Sydney Theatre Company, Powerhouse and The Loft in Australia appearing in productions of "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Stage Direction by New York Studio", "Baal", "The Bear", "Light Shining in Buckinghamshire", "Terrain! Terrain! Terrain!", "Who's Afraid of the Working Class?" and musicals "The Blues Brothers" and "Chicago" where she was principal vocalist and dancer. Dinka also studied at the Lecoq school in Paris and also attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Sarajevo where she was mentored by Miralem Zubcevic. She was named one of the "Top beautiful Actresses on the rise" by Elle magazine (Croatia, October, 2011).

Update [June 22 2012]

As previously posted Brianna Brown will appeared in couple of episodes and every indication points to nude scenes. She is playing the mother of all vampires : Lilith.
Her first scene will be in Episode 4 and then season finale (Ep.11)

The above pic looks like Pam but Brianna tweeted it was her in that Season 5 trailer.

Brianna either will be topless in first appearance or in the last episode (currently filming?)
On her facebook, she was being cheeky about her transparent dress in a scene :
Shooting some True Blood this week. Loving the outfit..... ; )
(the emoticon is symbol for wink, wink and usually means the opposite. Used by girls to cock-tease the boys)

The role of Lilith was the first to on the casting flyers but among the last to be cast. They wanted an American actress and Brianna fits the criteria to a T.
[New Female Vampire] 19 to 30s. A dangerous female seductress. Must be smoking hot! Nudity required.

Interview with Valentina Cervi (Salome)
I hear we'll actually meet Lilith this season. How does Salome feel about this person coming in and saying she's the original vampire?
Cervi: Salome really believes that Lilith is The Goddess, that Lilith is the God that we have to trust, and follow, and believe everything that is written in the Bible is true.
What kind of vampire is Lilith? Is she everything that Salome imagined?
Cervi: Yes. She is the mother of everybody and people will see that in a different way. Vampires will perceive her in a different way. When Lilith appears, she's everything that we all think she is. She's this beautiful, seducing, motherly goddess, and then a lot of things are going to happen. I can't reveal too much, but it's not what it seems, and even we will be very surprised. You believe in something and then suddenly things change, then you find yourself in a crisis, but it's great fun. It's great fun because it really leaves all the doors open for the characters to explore different sides of their personality and different sides of life, if you can call that life. 

Here is where it gets freaky. Some True Blood fan forums are arguing that Lilith is actually Lil' - the role which requires full frontal nudity. But it was for a fairy, right?
And I don't see Brianna going full frontal unless she is in diaphanous gown seducing someone.........

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